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Évènement couture chez Weavers Lyon

L’Atelier brings all the members of the Weavers community together. Everyone is allowed to join our activites, regardless of the juridical statute.

We all something in common and something unique that we can share during our workshops.

We organize activites and events in the city.

To join these events, you must pay a membership (free pricing system).

You feel like joining our activities in Lyon or Annecy ?

Fanny Rousselot--Viallet

Community managerin Lyon


Hélène Le Pape

Community manager in Annecy


Our next events

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in Annecy

You can contact us : 06 75 32 35 92

or check the link down below to know more about our next activities.

Contact : 06 75 32 35 92

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in Lyon

Our workshops are once a month. You can check the next activities on the link down below :

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« Weavers is more than just a non-profit organization. It is a space that makes us gaining confidence, learning and helps us meeting wonderful people. We feel at home. L'Atelier is a party, a shared moment of creativity. »


Weavers community member

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