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After the exile, integration through training and meetings

in Lyon,Annecy, Grenoble and Paris

Our actions

Creating links between people

Our community brings back together exiled and local people. We allow them to weave the history of their territory together.

Offering a complete content in our trainings

To support the employability of exiled people, we developed free and various programs.

Our programs

Helping recruiters and companies needs

Weavers helps companies with their lack of labourforces by identifying people they could recruit. We also offers sessions to get to know exile better and break from prejudices.


About us


cities : Lyon, Annecy, Grenoble, Paris


exiled people followed our training


people joined our activities

tissu solidaire_programme_weavers_migrants-exilés
« Digital classes helped me learning French. During the sewing classes, we really get to know each other. Thanks to Weavers, I realized I had professionnal capacities. »


Parcours (Appren)tisseurs, promotion 5

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